Aug 20

Pros and Cons of Online Communication

19The era of advanced technologies has notably changed the way people percept the reality. It has affected our behavior, way of life, relationships with other people and communication skills, of course. Do you remember the last time you sent a personal handwritten letter to your friend or relative? Or, maybe, you can recollect the day when you have received the letter at the post office yourself? You will hardly answer these questions positively. And it is no wonder, because round-the-clock availability of the Internet has made lots of processes easier. You don’t have to bother about going somewhere or waiting in the queue to send a letter. Instead, you have more time to spend with your loved ones. Well, this is an ideal picture of how the Internet can change the world and your life in particular. But what about the other side of the coin?  Does the global network have the drawbacks that can put all the merits under question? Let us find that out below!

Pros of Online Communication: What Are They?

If you know how to use the benefits of the Internet wisely, then you will definitely consider online communication a perfect solution! Among the pros of this option, it makes sense to point out the following:

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Aug 13

Line in Relationship : Right or Wrong

18Is living relationship right or wrong ,this is an interesting question .Many feel it is correct and many feel the otherway. All have their logic and viewpoint and they all are correct upto a certain exent.

Many people say it is good but why ?There is a simple answer we cannot marry someone only because we like some of his/her qualities .Marriage is a life long commitment and we need time to decide that the person we have choosen  is right or not.Every  relationship requires time and we must give ourself  enough  time to decide our soulmate.I want to ask a simple question from our society that what is wrong if two people who likes each  other  lives  together ,it gives them the proper time to decide whether that person is suited to him .

Living together without marrying cannot be termed as a crime ,,,,,sorry but if we continue to show our disrespect to the people having live in relationship …we will be nothing more than a hypocrite .The people who have such kind of relationship are mostly more happier than the so called married couples who are not satisfied with their partners .Nowadays there are more divorces between the newly married couples ,the reason for most of these is the issue of incompatibility. Most of the people having live in relationship marry after sometime and lives a happy life much more happier that those married couples having  incompatibity issues.

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Aug 05

How to save your family from falling apart

Extended family sitting outdoors smilingFamily is the basic structure of the society which provides the primary source of love, emotional support, financial support and sense of security to its members. Family members must make sure that they keep their relationships intact. Family counsellors help to keep a family from breaking by constantly working with the members, to keep their relationship healthy. In a world where everyone is concerned with their personal ambitions and gains, the selfless support and encouragement of our family members truly proves to be the pillar for support in hardest of times. But, there are times when there are clashes between opinions of family members which aren’t easily resolved.

Although members in a family grow up with the same ideals and principles, each individual is unique and external forces, along with varying personalities, may give rise to a conflict of interests. Instead of fighting over issues, it’s necessary to talk to each other and find a solution. Family counselling is basically concerned with finding a resolution for conflicting members of a family so as to keep the family from disintegrating. A disintegrated family life has a very negative impact on the mental health and emotional wellbeing of an individual. There are differences created especially when new families are formed. Adopting to a new kind of family, new rules, possibly a new environment can be an emotionally exhausting procedure and people, especially children who are adapting to these drastic changes, need all the emotional support they can have.

The warmth that comes from the love and support of family can’t be matched with any relationship. There are some unfortunate people who don’t have a family and would gladly exchange places with us to get the feeling of belonging to a unit. We should understand this privilege and work towards building a strong family.

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Jul 29

Good Communication Skills Can Pave the Way to a More Successful Career

16Employees who can most effectively communicate their needs, preferences, ideas, and feelings to their customers, co-workers, and management team have the highest chances of staying employed. There’s no doubt that a lack of assertive communication skills can have a negative impact on productivity and success. Therefore, it follows that good communication skills will help us improve our job performance and better our chances for promotional possibilities.

Assertive communication, the kind that allows both relationships and organizations to thrive, requires that the participants avoid game playing and manipulation, believe in one another, respect one another, and listen to one another. It also requires the willingness and commitment to put ego and hidden agendas aside in order to establish a relationship based on shared values and common goals.

It’s true there will be times when you have to communicate with people you don’t trust-perhaps people you don’t even like. You will most likely have to tolerate difficult customers, co-workers, and/or employers. But don’t think for a moment that your relationship with them will always include open communication. You cannot substitute tolerance for trust.

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Jul 23

Interracial Relationships On Interracial Dating Sites

15When taken into consideration taboo, interracial dating is not merely far more approved today, even so is on the advancement. The rapid growth mixte indian dating sites on the net could possibly be tested by regular growth in the number of interracial dating. These interracial dating sites are, nevertheless, not the only methods to fulfill other folks seeking to date outside the house their race, ethnic qualifications or nationality. Certainly, a complex personal advertisings search in recommended dating websites is definitely bound ahead plan a variety datings that both want a person of a various ethnic traditions. According to the Census Bureau stats, the quantity of interracial marital interactions has been within the raise, a measure of grasp interracial relationships.

Nonetheless, there exists still a hanging about preconception associated with interracial dating, though you will find not because lots of increased eye-brows today at the perspective of the interracial couple, while there would have recently been couple of years back again. This stigma might include a component in the elevating appeal of interracial personal ads websites. You view, one particular could hunt for various other ethnic groups in the privacy of his/her very own residence, faraway from spying sight. This is one of many great things about interracial dating sites online. But presently there are additional great things about by using a specialized interracial dating website. 1 benefit is that you could scan hundreds of classified advertisements of folks with the specific same fascination; to date a person outside their own competition. And that’s the charm of internet dating commonly: combining folks of just like minds as well since interests. Another good thing about producing make use of interracial dating is the fact you can get very certain regarding specifically what you desire. This kind of implies you may be Chinese looking for Black, White seeking Native american, etc. By chance, the term “interracial dating” oftens conjure up images of black and white tracks. This idea, it looks, originates from the strategy the adult market markets mixte pornography. The idea is definitely erroneous in that the term includes all cultural teams.

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